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Adventure Therapy used to be exclusive, time-intensive, and prohibitively expensive. Adventure Therapy Northwest brings the power of AT to your community.

Adventure Therapy Northwest: Building Faith, Purpose, & Resiliency

Adventure therapy (AT) is defined as “the prescriptive use of adventure experiences provided by mental health professionals, often conducted in natural settings, that kinesthetically engage clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels” (Gass, Gillis & Russell, 2012).

Ep20. A conversation with DB I really want to do this!

“Life is about moving forward without really knowing the destination. Life is about discovering the path as we go. Not wandering blindly, but in truth, none of us really knows where it will end up” – “We learn so well when we are slightly uncomfortable, when we’re being pushed by a good coach, or mentor, or when in situation that have the potential for failure. And failure is so much more effective in teaching than success. It’s tough to nail down where we succeeded, but it’s usually very obvious to see where we fail” – “The truth of adventure is rain, heat, uncertainty, danger, but that is exactly what life really is. The problem with insulating against natural consequences is that we don’t learn limits, and we don’t learn how far we actually could go. So possibilities are also blunted” – “If we all expect the identified leader to do everything for us, the trip doesn’t go very well. But we all start adding in our pieces, and taking responsibility, all of a sudden the worse trip is still really good” – “Adventure based parenting revitalizes relationships, it motivates active lifestyles, and it fosters long term family connections” – DB’s song is “Ain’t no grave” by Crooked Still  https://youtu.be/py_mHp1g0Bo – Follow backcountry professor on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXnQgA1nNV4WePe7LeoFhlw
Group Adventure Therapy

The power of Adventure Therapy plus the support/feedback of a group. Groups provide a shared community experience that broadens the feedback and support that can be gained from Adventure Therapy and can be very powerful and economical option. Adventure Therapy modalities will be updated regularly/seasonally, to include a wide range of possible outings, from: kayaking/canoeing, hiking, goat hikes, trail walking, and more.

Individual Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy has continually been shown to be an effective and invigorating means of personal growth and is an increasingly prescribed method to contrast (or compliment) traditional office-based sessions. 

We DO offer Telehealth and Walking Sessions, as well.

Adventure Therapy modalities will be updated regularly, to include a wide range of possible outings, from: kayaking/canoeing, hiking, goat hikes, trail walking, and more.

Adventure Therapy 1:1

Individual Sessions

Group Adventure Therapy

8-person max

Group Paddling Sessions

6-person max

Adventure-Based Parenting

Several resources for those seeking Coaching resources.

Adventure Therapy Northwest

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